As any small business owner knows, one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is the area of marketing.  Over the last three years I have talked to several other owners who have this struggle and like many of them, I have tried several different marketing strategies as well as several different marketing companies.  These changes in strategies and companies are not only time consuming but also waste precious marketing dollars.

I have now found a marketing company that I believe in.  Garrett and James at Dax Marketing are the real deal.  They care about the dispensers they work with and they work hard to make sure their customers are well taken care of.  The quality of the mail we are sending out from Dax exceeds the quality of every piece we have ever sent out and most importantly it works.  The customer service is second to none and I love that they keep you in the loop with every decision that is made.

I can say with confidence that Dax is my company of choice for marketing and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with them.