The DAX mission is to promote the growth and well-being of individuals and organizations, and as a result, the communities to which they belong.


The DAX Marketing Group is a direct mail, consultation, and online marketing company that was founded by Garrett Morgan.  The idea for DAX first originated with a desire to create a custom-tailored marketing strategy that would best serve and protect Garrett’s own hearing healthcare practice.  One that would empower the practice to gain market share and thrive in competitive markets. As an owner of a thriving hearing care practice, Garrett has always been deeply motivated to help other practitioners in the field who struggle with finding the right marketing mix needed for sustained success. He has bridged the DAX Marketing Group with a network of vendors in order to share his marketing experience, knowledge, and achievement in the hearing industry with other Hearing Care Practitioners and Audiologists around the nation.










The operating principle that sets apart the DAX Marketing Group from all other marketing companies is the unwavering commitment to the “Golden Rule”.  The “Golden Rule” is what governs the DAX Marketing Group to always think and do things outside the box in order to find the smartest marketing strategy for each individual client we proudly serve.  So, come and be a part of the network that is sweeping across the nation.


We strongly believe in the value of building long-lasting relationships governed by the Golden Rule.  The Golden Rule is what leads us to be intentionally good to others.  To seek one another’s greatest good and to do no harm.


We are committed to a positive environment in which everyone may experience a sense of belonging and worth. We honor relationships and take responsibility for fostering trust, respect, and goodwill. We desire to make a noticeable difference in the lives of others.


We are considerate of the feelings, values, and points of view of others. Considering others in a manner that reflects how we ourselves wish to be considered.  It is our priority to honor the intrinsic dignity, autonomy, and worth of everyone we come in contact with.


We are honest. We are loyal. We are reliable. We hold credibility in the highest regard. We welcome accountability and we have the courage to do what is right. We believe that business should be conducted with both honesty and transparency.


The ability to serve others brings a sense of meaning and purpose.  Service is something we get to do for others.  Service is a force that motivates every member of our organization.


We see that we achieve more collectively than one can achieve individually. Alone we can do little. Together we can do so much. It takes a combined effort in order to go far.


We not only expect the highest possible standards from our vendors and various partnerships, but we expect the highest possible standards from ourselves. Always working to excel, this benchmark is achieved through innovation and initiative. At DAX, we put forth our personal and professional best.


To further the mission of the DAX group, we focus on the strengths of our employees and our partners. As a strength-based organization, we support, trust, and empower our employees and partners by developing the confidence of everyone’s individual talents and strengths.